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New Interactive Radio Telephony Training App for Pilots Now Launched

London, UK, 22nd April 2021 - today launches its unique, interactive training app designed by pilots for pilots to practice radiotelephony (“R/T”).

The training app can be used on desktop, tablet or mobile. It mirrors the real-world cockpit workload when flying. There is a working yoke button, radio transmitter and a transponder, which represents the type of equipment found in private aircraft.

The team have created and recorded authentic sounding Air Traffic Controllers using correct phraseology to respond to pilots requests. To start the app, simply turning on the radio, pick up ATIS and when ready contact the tower to begin the learning experience.

Max Couch, Co-Founder, Instructor and Examiner of 35 years says “I am excited to be contributing to this fantastic and original app. The UK Civil Aviation Authority demands high standards of RT in today’s busy and changing aviation environment. I feel that we have gone a long way to achieving this with Readability 5.”

A Free module is available immediately from the website for all pilots to try out and provide feedback. Further modules can be purchased. 

Flight schools, instructors, influencers and shops interested in reselling or even authoring their own training modules are invited to contact the team and review our reseller programme.

Further expansion of training modules is planned in the near future covering Rotorcraft, PPL-IR, IFR as well as support for the European and International markets. 

Visit for your free trial.

Schools, instructors, influencers and shops are invited to contact using