You are on the apron with your engine running.

- Turn on the radio and transponder and call up the tower.
- Taxi to the runway, depart and complete a circuit.

This module is a taster, giving you a feel for using the Readability 5 app.

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Course Notes


Thank you for using Readability 5, your path to learning and passing the practical and multi choice Radiotelephony examination. This application has been designed to help you to reach the high standard required to operate as a pilot.

The circuit is a crucial milestone in any pilot's training program. The purpose of this app is to highlight the importance of correct and disciplined RT when learning and perfecting 'touch-and-gos' or rejoining the circuit to land.

Please note the all important reporting points:
- Crosswind
- Downwind
- Base leg
- Final

Remember reporting 'Downwind' and 'Final' are mandatory.

A few helpful tips when transmitting…

Remember the three W’s example:
- Who am I...? Call sign, Type. e.g. G-PASS is a PA-28…
- Where am I...? Base leg… one aircraft ahead…
- What do I want…? notify your position and intentions throughout the circuit e.g. 'Final to land!'

The two B’s:
- Be brief… Other aircraft and ground stations may well be transmitting…
- Be businesslike… The aviation environment is not the place for frivolity, levity or non standard phraseology. Good clear RT will get you to your destination, obtain necessary clearances and enhance flight SAFETY…

This demo module highlights key position reports to enable you to fully understand the timing of your RT transmitions and their correct content.
One of the busiest aviation environments especially in good visibility is the circuit, therefore; Readability 5 cannot emphasis enough how important this training content is.
Use these modules again and again until the phraseology becomes second nature and before long you will be sounding like a seasoned veteran and more importantly, your flight instructor will clearly hear your progress and growing confidence.
These modules are tailored to include reference to CAP413 of the CAA radiotelephony manual.


Readability 5 Modules have been developed to supplement pilot training with qualified instructors. Readability 5 is NOT designed to be used in isolation as the only source of training.